About Me

I love building things and at age 12 I realized that computers enable me fulfill this desire easier and quicker than anything else  on this planet, so learned how to code, and been hacking since then. (FYI: Hacking is the geeky way of saying solving problems using computer code)

MFCI completed Bachelor of Computer Science (with honours) from University of Prince Edward Island on 2012. I designed and implemented a descriptive programming language, called LISA, under supervision of Dr. Campeanu as part of my honours thesis and managed to accomplish the dream of  design and construction of a compiler.

I enrolled in Master of Computer Science on 2012, under supervision of Dr. Ghorbani at Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Research Group (IAS) at the University of New Brunswick. During the course of my education, I specialized in the field of Text Mining/Web-DataMining and the application of unsupervised machine learning on unstructured data (i.e. text). I had the chance to work on number of different text mining industrial projects during the course of my study, and due to the nature of the projects, I mastered big data techniques for handling large volume of data and extracting useful intelligence from different datasets. The focus of my research thesis was on finding bursty events (sudden occurrence of events) from stream of online news websites using unsupervised machine learning techniques (i.e. clustering, feature extraction techniques) and their temporal relationships.

I take back-of-the-napkin-ideas to the market. I have entrepreneurial spirit and love to make the world a better place by creating value and solving pains. I have been involved in many startups in past and always eager to work on exciting and viable ideas.

I am Commercial Pilot Licensed (CPL) from Moncton Flight College. Flying is my greatest hobby, it makes me relax and helps me to focus my thoughts. I love to fly to new places, discover new skies, and take on many challenging scenarios during my flights. I always love to learn something new. You can check out this page for finding out more about aircrafts I have flown so far.