The followings are the airplanes I have flown:


 Cessna 152

My first solo and the bucket of water – June 2009!

Introduced to the world of aviation through this beauty (C-FPUQ) in Prince Edward Island, Canada. An awesome two seater aeroplane from 1973, with which I completed my Private Pilot (PPL) training and did my first solo.


Cessna 172

cessna172 My favourite four seater from Cessna. High wings allow great ground visibility, perfect choice for taking friends and family for a ride and having great time. What I love about this aircraft is its stability and safety measures.

Diamond Eclipse DA20

DiamondDA20One of the cool looking light airplanes there is on the planet. With stick instead of yoke and having overhead door cockpit, it feels and looks like an sporty ride. Very narrow wings that provide high wing ratio, has made this machine a practical glider with 240 horsepower engine in front. It never worries me to lose the engine while flying on this aircraft given that it can glide very well.

Piper Seminole

PiperSeminolVery capable flying machine, fun to fly, and super stable. This old beast (1976) in the picture, is still in a great flying conditions, IFR rated great for cross countries in any meteorological conditions.  This would be the machine of choice, if I ever could afford to buy one.